Seahorse Aquatic Vegetation Harvesting (formerly known as Seahorse Aquatic Weedcutting) has been in operation in the Province of Alberta for over 30 years.  We provide quality aquatic weed cutting, dredging, excavating, vegetation removal and cattail removal services for private individuals and municipalities across Alberta and BC.

Our Equipment

  • Truxor amphibious machine DM 5045, T-30 and T-50
  • Custom designed cutting machines that are environmentally friendly
  • Compact equipment allows us to cut close to shore and around docks and smaller areas
  • Adjustable blades for meeting desired cutting depths
  • Collection baskets and vacuum truck provide safe and fast removal of debris

Our Company

  • Holds current business licenses and permits for several municipalities across Alberta and BC
  • Complies with the Occupational Health & Safety Act of Alberta and has work site safety plans in place
  • Has fully insured workers and services

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